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All IFMA members are expected to comply with the IFMA Code of Ethics.
When in doubt, members have the responsibility to seek clarification from IFMA.

  1. IFMA members shall treat each other with respect when dealing with matters, which could affect their professional reputations. All members shall recognize that the profession will be judged by the conduct of individual members.
  2. IFMA members shall maintain the highest professional standards and ethical behavior in their Association relationships. This includes but is not limited to the use of mail lists, membership information and membership resources, or any calls, contacts or working relationships outside of IFMA.
  3. IFMA members shall use IFMA membership as a means of professional development for themselves and not personal aggrandizement.
  4. IFMA members hall be responsible for providing educational and professional development information to the membership.
  5. IFMA members shall not buy or sell products or services at IFMA functions, except at trade shows or displays established for that purpose.
  6. IFMA members shall not discriminate because of race, sex, creed, age, disability or national origin as it relates to their Association relationships.
  7. IFMA members shall abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the Association and shall support the objectives of its strategic plan and the interests of the Association stakeholders (members’ business entity and leadership, government regulatory agencies and IFMA staff).
  8. IFMA members are responsible to report the actions of individuals or companies, which are considered contrary to the Code of Ethics, To IFMA. These actions may include but are not limited to cases of professional malfeasance, discrimination or incompetence.

The IFMA Ethics Committee shall investigate complaints received and may issue sanctions for code violations.
This document is a guideline and does not represent the entire breadth of what constitutes good conduct and ethical behavior.

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